1994-1997 Tang Soo Doo, Lampson Martial arts, Malibu California

                  Instructor: Kurt Lampson

Received Black Belt June 21st 1997

Amateur fighting career

1996-1997 Kick boxing 4-0-1 (2kos)

                  Trainer: Tony Mendoza

                               Rex (Van Nuys Muay Thai Academy)

1997-1998 Boxing 0-1 (torn ACL)

                  Trainer: Dub Huntley

Professional boxing record 9-10-1 (win,loss,draw)

1999-2000 Trainer: Dub Huntley

                  Cut-man: Gerry Boyd (RIP)

2000: Trainer: Javier Capitiel

2001-2002: Trainer: Victor Hernandez

2003: Trainer: Pat Goossen

I currently love to trail run and do Obstacle course races.

2012 Spartan Sprint

2013 Cheseboro 1/2, Spartan sprint, Spartan super

2014 Spartan sprint, Spartan super, Spartan beast! Trifecta AROO!

2015 Spartan Beast

2019 2-Spartan sprints a Super and a Beast AROO!